busniess funding

Business Funding

Anyone who runs a small business knows it takes money to make money. That makes access to working capital essential – whether you’re just starting out or have big plans to expand your existing business.

In fact, nearly every business, large or small, needs extra working capital from time to time. In these moments, a short-term loan might be the best option.

For example, what if you have the opportunity to fill an order for a customer who will pay you in 60 days, but your supplier needs to be paid 10 days? Without access to cash, you might not be able to serve that customer. But with a short-term loan, you could get the funding you need to fill that order and then pay that loan back when your customer pays you. Or perhaps you have a seasonal small business that needs extra capital just before the holiday season. Getting a short-term loan would give you the funds you need to cover promotional expenses and build your inventory well before the holidays – even though you might be short on cash right now. Short Term Funding can provide the solution for a long term goal.